Tree Species Project

Forest ecosystems are strongly influenced by climate change and a major concern in forestry is the development of adaptation strategies. This requires accurate information in high spatial and temporal resolution. The goal of the project is to significantly improve the provision of such information to reduce the time between information demand and supply.

The project aims to develop recommendations for a tree species composition better adapted to the changing climate and local conditions in Germany.

The climate change alters site conditions all over the world – also in German forests. These changes are having a negative impact on European forest ecosystems, reducing their resilience. Often these negative effects of climate change are exacerbated by the inappropriate choice of tree species planted in wrong stands.

The focus of the Tree species (KlimBa) Project, founded by German Space Agency (DLR) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV), is on the development of nationwide maps of tree species distribution, which will then be intersected with further site data in order to formulate risk analyses and forestry recommendations for action.

The Project seeks to close an information gap that is of great importance for a scientifically sound development of adaptation strategies for forests to climate change.

Project Partners

Project funding is provided by DLR (German Space Agency within DLR) on behalf of Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV).